Lunch Menu

Available Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 to 14:30

Please Note: our miso soup contains soup stock made from seaweed & dried fish
Food Allegies and Intolerance: Please ask a member of staff if you require infomation on the ingredients in the food we serve

rice bowl dish served with pickles & miso soup
from Kitchen…  
DOTD (Don of The Day)
weekly renewed donburi served only 10 bowles a day

Gyu Don
beef and onion in japanese broth

Tofu Steak Don
char-grilled tofu steak with cooked vegetables

Una Don
grilled eel, sesame, eel kabayaki sauce

from Sushi Bar...  
Spicy Tuna Don
spicy tuna, tenkasu, sesame, spring onion on sushi rice

Veggie Chirashi Don
various fresh and cooked vegetables and thin sliced omlette on sushi rice

Kaisen Don
various fresh raw seafood and omlette on sushi rice
Oh-Mori : go large with more rice & toppings + £2

pan-fried noodle dish served with miso soup
Beef Soba / Udon
beef and vegetables

Kaisen Soba / Udon
seafood and vegetables

Yasai Soba / Udon
vegetables only

SOBA = thin egg noodle
UDON = thick wheat noodle

thick wheat noodle in broth made from dried seaweed and fish stock
(not available for take away)

wakame, tenkasu, spring onion

kakiage (mixed vegetable julien) tempura

beef & onion in broth

two pcs king tiger prawn tempura

Udon Set : add 2pc Inari + £2

served with pickles & miso soup
Chicken Katsu Curry
breaded deep fried chicken

Ton Katsu Curry
breaded deep fried pork

Niku Curry
beef in broth and onion

Yasai Curry
pan fried and grilled vegetables


served with a kobachi (small dish), miso soup and house potato salad
Choose one item from Main and Side respectively
fried chicken

breaded deep fried prawn

breaded deep fried pork

1 prawn and 4 vegetable tempura

Veggie Tempura
5 vegetable tempura

chicken in teriyaki sauce

thin slicded pork loin in ginger sauce

Salmon Teri
salmon in teriyaki sauce

Tofu Steak
grilled tofu steak
Assorted thin sliced fresh fish

Assorted nigiri and hosomaki

Veggie Sushi
Assorted veggie nigiri and hosomaki

Age Tofu
Deep fried tofu in tempura sauce

Age Potato
Deep-fried mashed potato


served with miso soup
On The Board Sushi
today's 6 nigiri and 4 rolls (vegetarian sushi avilable)

Sushi Lovers (to share)
our signiture dish with two layers of sushi & sashimi served with miso soup



a rice ball served with pickles and nori
2 pc onigiri (choose any flavours from below) with 2pc torikara (deep fried chicken), miso soup, dashimaki (egg omlette)

à la carte individual onigiri is also sold  
japanese pickled plum
slow-cooked seaweed and sesame
grilled salmon
grilled eel with kabayaki sauce and sesame

Message from the Chef

Thank you for coming to Shiki.
We have been in this fine city since 2004 and we try our best to meet the good quality as well as authenticity in our food (so that when you close your eyes you can feel a bit of Japan in a corner of Tombland!) To make you feel the Shiki Experience more authentic, we decided that we will serve miso soup together with food and without spoons (just like in Japan!)
You can have a sip from the miso soup bowl directly (Don't worry it's not rude! at all) But if you would still prefer using a spoon, please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff!! Thank you and enjoy our new menu!