Our New Concept is..."IZAKAYA"

Dear Customers,

For the last few years I have been thinking about changing our menu and I thought the best way for our customers to enjoy their experience at Shiki is to do “OTSUMAMI” (not too substantial but sharable dishes) in which everyone can have a bit of everything from Sushi to Yakitori.

When I think back to my time in Japan, I often went to Izakaya with my friends. We enjoyed sharing dishes, talking about the future and drinking beer and sake. But Shiki is not just for a group of friends. We indeed welcome families, couples and solo dinners. And I believe that our new menu is for everyone.

I added a range of Vegetarian dishes as well as updated some of our best sellers: Sushi Lovers and Bento Boxes.

Under our new Izakaya concept, we tend to bring food as it comes. But if you like things to come in a certain way, please let us know.

Thank you and hope you enjoy your experience at the new Shiki!


Head Chef


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Bento Box

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Sushi & Sashimi

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〆Shime 〆

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