to Finish with...

After enjoying all the small dishes, now is the time to finish up good time with something substancial. We often eat rice or noodles.

Gohan £2
A bowl of rice with some pickles  
Onigiri £4
2 pc rice ball choose 2 flavours (grilled salmon / japanese sour plum / konbu / grilled eel)  
Miso Soup £2
Soy bean paste soup with Japanese Broth  
Curry Rice £6
Classic Shiki's curry no topping  
Curry topping : Chiken Katsu, Tonkatsu(pork) , Beef (yakiniku), Tofu steak with +£4
Yakisoba £9
egg fried noodle with yakisoba sauce. choice of veggie, seafood, beef or mix: pork &seafood  
Sukiyaki Udon £9
sukiyaki style udon with soy sauce. choice of vegetable, beef or seafood  
Mini Udon (not available for take away) £6
japanese kano weat noodle with broth served with wakame and tenkasu and spring onion  

= suitable for vegetarian (may contain egg)
= may contain non vegetarian ingredients but vegetarian option also avilable

Please Note: our miso soup contains soup stock made from seaweed and dried fish
Food Allegies and Intolerance:
Please ask a member of staff if you require infomation on the ingredients in the food we serve



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